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Work to connect Ft. Bragg to I-95 to begin this fall

Construction on a key sgement of Fayetteville's Outerloop (I-295) and the final link that would connect Ft. Bragg to I-95, is said to being Fall fo 2010. The five mile segment wiill span from Murchison Road to Ramsey Street. When complete,  I-295 will offer a direct route to/from I-95 to Ft. Bragg. 

A draft construction schedule was rleased in July of 2010.  Barring any changes, this piece of I-295 will be open by 2014. 

Work is currently underway on a 2.5 mile segment between Bragg Blvd. and Murchison Road. This segment with be paved with travel lanes sometime after July 2012.