The Greater Fayetteville GPS Trail Trek
is a geocaching game that takes place throughout the whole county. You’ll discover fun places and learn things you never knew about the county.

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Cache Location Information

Caches need not be pursued in order. Take your time. Have some fun.

After you’ve visited the sites, come back, click on the clue and add your comments about the site. We would love to hear your feedback
2. Don’t be shy, in flowering bushes near the pond of the garden it will lie.
N 35° 03.315, W 78° 51.618
Open to the Public Hours M-Sa 10am-5pm, Su 12pm-5pm. Geocaching is free; Admission fee to access remaining grounds.
4. The bush faces a road and not sand, which holds where this will stand.
N 35° 11.001, W 78° 58.752
Open to the Public
6. Behind an oval in a square, look in a group of bushes, this lies there.
N 35° 02.926, W 78° 52.676
Open to the Public
8. In a park under ivy, look behind switches, there it will be.
N 35° 03.364, W 78° 53.218
Open to the Public
14. Under a rock since the start of its days, you’ll find it in a zip, we think you’ll be amazed.
N 35° 08.885, W 78° 51.467
Geocaching is free. Entering the grounds, however, requires an admission fee. Hours seasonal, depending on daylight and weather.